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Wondering why there's a disconnect between what your brand looks like online and what it looks like in your mind?

You've done all you can but you feel like you can take your brand much further.

That's where I come in!

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Kadia Francis

Digital Strategist + Content Developer

Victoria is a triple threat, she's a  conceptualizer, creator and organizer. 

A major force in the local digital space,  she has been steadily forging a solid brand through consistently substantial and high quality content.

Victoria is that "B" (and the B stands for Brands), she's informed, well researched and current, watch her space.

Neko Kelly 

Stylist + Creative Director + Owner of Bootleg Rocstar Merch

I love working with Victoria! She's brilliant, diligent, reliable, and very capable. She makes me feel less stressed when I'm working with my brand. She keeps me calm and teaches me a lot in terms of having a business and taking care of it and making sure it thrives. I'm grateful and SUPER  appreciative of her. She's amazing to work with, and put AMAZING in caps please because if it weren't for Victoria, I wouldn't have started my business or gotten it to point where it is now. Apart from making the brand look good, she made sure the brand was out there and doing what it was suppose to do.  

Davia McGibbon

Owner of Raw Holistic Skincare

Victoria was "the calm" in every single stressful situation, working with me every day and helping me to make life long choices about my brand, and she knew what I wanted and did everything to make it possible. She made the process of setting up my Shopify store so effortless and easy. I really appreciated her help. 












I know how much work it takes to build a company from the ground up. You’ve done remarkable work—and we both know this—but NOW it’s time for the world to know it, too.

What you need is someone whose a seasoned marketing consultant with years  of experience that will help you to meet the goals you know your capable of meeting

You need someone to help you become a competitive leader, attract qualified clients, and deepen the loyalty of your existing customer base.

You need a customized marketing plan that checks ALL of the boxes (not a shallow "grow followers" tips), after all you need a marketing tactic that will help you to generate more traffic, leads, and sales.


Monthly 1:1 coaching is great for the professional who wants to learn how to DIY their own marketing.

Let's discuss how you can generate leads and grow sales with digital and social marketing solutions custom made for your brand.


Each month includes two 60-minute coaching calls and check-ins on off weeks. This program is designed to move at the client’s pace, and includes assignments between meetings.

Three months is usually the amount of time it takes clients to become self-sufficient with their marketing, but there is no minimum program length.


​​​If you're struggling to find the best place to start or revise your current marketing strategy bringing me onto your project as your go-to marketing consultant on your next project. 


This session is mainly for entrepreneurs who need extra help as they build their marketing and social media strategy.

As a Content & Digital Marketer whose worked with brands and marketing agencies, I know how important it is to take a practical approach to marketing in order for your business to build longevity and thrive in the future.

I'll help to provide resources, recommend services and products and actionable guidelines to help you along the way.

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