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Digital & Content Marketing Consultant 

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I’m here to help you launch, grow, or scale your online business.

My goal is to consult or coach you on how to make your marketing, content creation and increases sales for your online business as seamless as possible.

I work with female entrepreneurs who need help launching, marketing and automating their online business or store.

Grab Your Marketing Survival Kit

If marketing feels like rocket science to you or you just need to be pointed in the right direction this kit was made with you in mind. This kit includes a Social Media Strategy Template, Online Brand Guide, and Social Media and Brand Crisis Checklist all for FREE.

Book Online

I'm here to help you design an irresistible digital marketing strategy and content that impacts your sales.

Are you a female business owner who is working hard to sell her products online, tired of going unnoticed online, or not getting the results you want from your marketing?

Do You Struggle to Market Your Online Store?

  • Are you working a ridiculous amount of hours each week, yet no closer to meeting your sales goals each month?

  • Does marketing or social media overwhelm you?

  • Are you struggling to get new customers despite all your attempts?

  • Tumbleweeds passing through your website and carts abandoned

  • Little to no customers, followers, or online engagement when you post on social media

  • You're great at managing your business, but online marketing and content creation seem like rocket science? 


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