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The Ultimate Guide for Instagram Aesthetic Ideas for Fashion & Beauty Brands

Updated: Jan 31, 2020

Instagram is a visual platform, just as people eat food with their eyes, Instagram users shop with their eyes. They want to captivated and moved by a brands aesthetic in order to take action.

The average Instagram user spends approximately 29 minutes on Instagram, they're used to being visually bombarded with content. You'll need to create content with an Instagram aesthetic that stops them scrolling and clicking on your page.

Think about it...

Branding like anything in marketing leaves a lasting impression on buyers. It also speak volumes about your brand even without your logo present.

One way to master visual branding that sells is an Instagram aesthetic. I created a guide filled with Instagram aesthetic ideas along with real live examples for fashion & beauty brands.

Instagram Aesthetics Ideas & Themes 101

Let's talk about the different types of layouts that can be applied to your brand. A great Instagram layout can  show your audience that you put thought into content and what you'd like to be identified in terms of your brand's personality.

  1. Monochrome

  2. Pastel Colors

  3. Color-Focused

  4. Bold & Vibrant

  5. Color Blocking

  6. White Borders

  7. Checkerboard

  8. Color Coordinated

  9. Color by Blocks

  10. Follow the Line

  11. Mosque or Full Size

  12. Vintage, Faded & Romantic

  13. Minimalist

Instagram Aesthetic #1Monochrome

If you're well versed with your fashion icon's then you're no stranger to Yohiji Yamamto, the king of monochrome fashion and his Instagram rightful states it.

Monochrome isn't strictly the use of black and white, Monochrome actually means the use of one color (or shades of that color). You don't need to add a filter either, you can simply highlight your products or clothing with white or black backgrounds or elements to keep the theme going.

Instagram Aesthetic #2: Pastel Colors

One of the oldest and still most loved themes on Instagram are pastel colors. Pastel color theme is very cheerful and playful Instagram aesthetic theme that is popular with influencers, beauty and skincare brands.

This eye catching theme can easily showcase your brand's visual identity. But don't feel too imitated when it comes to content, you can edit and play with your pictures colors to get the right hue and shades to make your theme more cohesive.

Instagram Aesthetic #3: Color-Focused

Color focused is a hybrid of the lifestyle and color blocking Instagram aesthetic themes. What you're essentially doing is making one color the main focus of the image. This means placing an item, background or person you want viewers to focus on or see as highlighted with a consistent color.

For sunscreen beauty brand Super Goop, that color can be either a light blue or yellow, following the color scheme of their packaging and brand colors.

Instagram Aesthetic #4: Bold & Vibrant

Not every Instagram Aesthetic needs to be color coordinated, sometimes a pop of color can go a long way. If it matches your brands aesthetic than try to use eye-catching colors from your collection or products to get people engaged with your Instagram content.

The key to making your pieces pop with color is simply choosing an outfit that stands out against a muted or neutral background or an outfit that's muted that you'd like to be complimented against a bright/colorful background. Choosing your pieces with that in mind will make your Instagram aesthetic look well coordinated, drawing your followers attention from product to product.

Instagram Aesthetic #5: Color Blocking

In fashion you've probably heard this term used around loosely. What is color blocking?

Color-blocking is considered the exploration of taking colors that are opposites on the color wheel and pairing them together to make interesting and complementary color combinations.

Most Instagram themes seem to clock block mainly with white or bright colors. You can play around and find out what works for you.

Instagram Aesthetic #6: White Borders

Adding white borders to your content can give your Instagram a photo display/exhibition look and feel. This a free form method that's adds more space to your Instagram feed.

This type of theme is mainly used by fashion or photography brands, It helps the viewer to focus on one row or image at a time.

Instagram Aesthetic #7Checkerboard

One of the original Instagram themes used before Instagram aesthetic ideas became all the range with brands. Interchange between a colored image and a quote or color block to create a checkerboard effect. It's a simple pattern and great for someone that wants to plan ahead without overcomplicating things.

I've always been a fan of checkerboard aesthetic, it's simple neat and clean. It also helps you to highlight important quotes or shine light on images and pictures you post

Instagram Aesthetic #8: Color Coordinated

The name speaks for itself. Essential all your content should unanimously coordinate with a color or colors scheme. This theme is the most liked on Instagram and can be a challenge to keep up but it's worth the effort.

For brands like Glossier, they follow a pink and nude color scheme based on their products. They use skin tones, hues and products to reflect their color coordinated them.

Instagram Aesthetic #9: Follow the Line

This is easy to maintain and is a variation of the checkerboard theme. This theme makes viewers more susceptible to continue scrolling.

Instagram Aesthetic #10: Puzzle or Mosque Feed

Commonly known as a puzzle feed this Instagram theme includes using your entire Instagram feed to create a continuous post or highlight. This looks visual amazing but the downside to this Instagram aesthetic theme is that engagement can sometimes be scattered because one image plays into another.

Larissa is an artist and fashion influencer from Brazil and her feed is one of the best on the block. Again this theme is mainly popular with influencers rather than brands who want to measure engagement by post rather than the over all feed for the month.

Instagram Aesthetic #11: Vintage, Faded & Romantic

If you're looking for a warm under tone that could help to highlight your brands vintage or bohemian vibe. You'll have to use a consistent filter. This theme works well for lifestyle blogs or brands. A popular misconception is that vintage images have to be faded and old, but it's all about the play with color.

Privacy please is a private label clothing brand that's as vintage as vintage gets. They have a wide variety of minimalist yet chic clothing items. If you scroll through their feed you'll see that they've consistently used the same color scheme and filter.

Instagram Aesthetic #12: Minimalist

Minimalist is one of the most challenging feeds, it's the art of doing very little yet creating stunning post and an overall feed to match.

Coss Store is a brand that knows how to work it's simplicity. It's not about using black and white but rather using less elements and pieces to make one product or person the main focus.

Instagram Aesthetic #13: Bright & Colorful

A bright color pop post gives off a young and playful vibe. It's also eye-catching and has been known to stop people from scrolling past your post. Just remember the brighter, the better. Keep in mind that the colors should reflect your brand otherwise it'll look mismatched.

Colorful, youthful and just plain weird, Golf Wang knows how to use colors to get their followers engaged. In the mist of all that craziness you can't help but stop and look.

Planning, Tools & Tips

A Instagram feed inspiration takes time and planning and a lot of experimenting. If you want to level up your Instagram feed, the best thing you can do is set aside time to really plan. Lots of popular Instagrammers will dedicate one or two days a week to shoot and edit content for their Instagram feeds, and then publish those photos throughout the week.

5 Instagram Aesthetic Mistakes to Avoid

Here are some Instagram aesthetic mistakes you should avoid, before, during and after you start posting content in your feed:

1. Inconsistency

If you're going to stick or change to a theme, then you have to commit. If you mix themes or Instagram aesthetic. Brands that fail at grasping this can confuse, annoy, or blend into followers feed with a lack of identity.

2. Ignoring the Competition

Don't get so caught up with your own Instagram feed that you forget to see what your competition is doing. When it comes to Instagram, you don't want to be the last brand to hopping on a trend that's lost it hype. Keep your eyes on your competitors, create an Instagram SWOT to give your Instagram.

3. Forgetting Your Audience

You might be in love with a theme, but if your followers aren't, then it's time to change it up. After all, your Instagram aesthetic theme is all about attracting your ideal customer.

4. Not Editing Your Photos

This is a must for all your Instagram pictures, regardless of the Instagram aesthetic theme you're planning on using. Unless your images or professionally edited, then you're excepted from this major no-no.

5. Forgetting The Bigger Picture

As significant as it is to have a great Instagram aesthetic, get off Instagram, and run your online store! Try to have a healthy balance between managing your brand's aesthetic and making sales. All looks and no sales is not a well rounded Instagram.

Instagram Aesthetic Ideas for the Best Fashion

& Beauty Brands

Let's take a look at the brands that are killing it on Instagram, see what they're doing right and how we can implement their strategy and practices into your daily workarounds. Let's dive into the these Insta-good brands:


Skin Care & Beauty

Edible Beauty


For businesses, Instagram represents without a doubt an excellent opportunity to market their products to a more targeted and interested audience. That’s a fact.

Besides the main elements like bio, profile picture, hashtags which helps you to be more visible, the theme should also be a starting point.

The most important aspect you should consider is the voice or lifestyle of your brand you want to portray to your audience. Remember Instagram + your content = online brand portfolio. Instagram you have Here's a quick recap of all 16 Instagram aesthetic ideas and themes:

Instagram Aesthetic #1: Monochrome

Instagram Aesthetic #2: Pastel Colors

Instagram Aesthetic #3: Color-Focused

Instagram Aesthetic #4: Bold & Vibrant

Instagram Aesthetic #5: Color Blocking

Instagram Aesthetic #6: White Borders

Instagram Aesthetic #7: Checkerboard

Instagram Aesthetic #8: Color Coordinated

Instagram Aesthetic #9: Follow the Line

Instagram Aesthetic #10: Mosque or Full Size

Instagram Aesthetic #11: Vintage, Faded & Romantic

Instagram Aesthetic #12: Minimalist

Instagram Aesthetic #13: Bright & Colorful

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